About us

We pride ourselves on putting YOU first.

The Only thing that matters to us at Snowdonia Rustic Pine is customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on meeting every individual customers needs and requirements. With our extensive knowledge in rustic style furniture we have over time worked out the best methods, materials, products and designs to perfect our craft. We have developed from a small part time business making tables from reclaimed boards as a hobby to a flourishing company shipping tables nationwide to customers up and down the country.

When we started old scaffold boards seemed great they were cheap, light and durable and looked amazing! But over time we came to realise there were much better grades of wood we could use that would not have the same problems as scaffold boards do.

We went through all kinds of timber in our search for the perfect material to use for our tables and we eventually found the perfect grade of plank that combines the grain needed for the authenticity of a rustic style table and the grade required to make sure the tops would not split warp or crack over time. We found Scandinavian pine!

Scandinavian pine does not warp and crack over time like scaffold boards. It also looks better, cleans better and is way more durable!

You wont need to change the top on our items over time like you will with some of our competitors. With this we are confident we not only have the best quality rustic style tables on the market but also that our finish can be matched by no one else!


Perfection takes time and we have certainly served our time learning our craft!

We know no two homes are the same and every homes is unique so why have a table that is also unique and made to fit your home.

This is why we can make any table to any size or specification specifically for you. No modification is too small or too big, we will accommodate any changes you require all you have to do is message us and we will be happy to help.

if you see a design you love but want to alter a feature on it or even see two designs you like different parts of that you would like to mesh together to get your perfect table, or even a design we do not currently advertise but feel we would be the people perfectly placed to create it. We can do it for you!


The beauty of our items being made specifically for you? No two items are the same. You can sit back relax and know the item you have purchased is a completely unique one off piece only you will have in your home.